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Juice day at Work

The day can start for you and all of your co-workers and colleagues happy and ready to tackle all the challenges as well. Start your day with a fresh and crunchy Simon Fruit or a refreshing Simon Juice.

Get in touch with us for our Office or Work box subscription program. Order it for your workplace, for your office, or wherever you would love to. Ask about our office fruitbox or juice box program. Your first box is FREE. Email us today, our boxes are waiting for you. [email protected]


Home delivery

Fruit is part of our daily routine, and we want to get to you and become a part of your Healthy day. Order today over 10’000 Ft and we will deliver it to you FREE OF CHARGE.

Do you want to join our Farm to Home service?


Featured Products

Honest cold pressed juices made from carfully selected Hungarian fruits for making every day perfect for you.


Our Principles


100% free of additives and preservatives

All of our products are guaranteed to be free of any additives, because for us the true taste of the fruit is the most important thing. We believe you need to start with fruit trees to achieve the perfect quality. Our premium juices do not contain any preservatives because then it is not the real thing anymore.


cold pressed

We do not compromise the highest quality. During the pressing process, the juice is extracted from the fresh fruits using a slow pressing process, so only the real fruit juice super rich in vitamins and minerals gets into our drinks.


Sustainable agriculture

Sustainability is key for us. As pioneers of the agri-environmental management program, we believe what we do has to respect our living environment. Even if it is the Honey and Bumblebee program we pioneered as the only orchard program in Hungary or the materials we are using, we always keep in mind what the most important thing is.


Gluten free, non-gm and vega

There is nothing false, misleading or artificial about this. Zero. None. Nothing. Simon Fruit works, because we use only 100% FRESH fruit from our own or from reliable Hungarian sources. There is no stock dilution, no additions of any kind. This is what we call the 100% Simon Fruit Guarantee, and what you call healthy and genuine. We do not use any GM plants and all of our technologies aim to preserve bee health through the use of Hungary’s first bee pasture in an orchard.


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